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Our company devoted to bring a new paradigm of anti-aging solutions by introducing the most advanced technology on health, beauty and hair product and services to bring the unlimited uplifting of living quality for human beings.

Cell Chat +

One of the philosophy of Cell Chat + is to inspire the public that even non-invasive treatment program is capable to deliver effective anti-aging results in complement with our home care products. Our unique powerful formula is based on international dermatologists and cosmetologists’ knowledge and experience, the treatment for the clients shall be customized by professional analysis of problems.

20 Years R&D Korean Government Awarded Bio Technology

Cell Chat+ uses the most advanced patented formula of stem cell signal technology as developed by the top Bio-scientists and dermatologists in Korea. Over 20 years of R&D in the field of stem cell signal technology, our scientists have profoundly uncovered complex of protein signals from stem cell are the key to repair, grow, and maximize cell life.

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Our Professional Express Hair Growth & Anti-Grey Hair Treatment adopts the patented cell signal technology
which effectively improves and corrects disorders of hair growth and melanin production through activating
the hair follicles stem cells, and thereby help bring out your natural beauty.

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Proven Answer for Hair growth

CellChat+ formula was created with patented stem cell culturing technology using botanical complex, capable of stimulates cells to secrete more than 1300 kinds of Cytokine, Growth Factors, Peptide and Signals Proteins with the highest concentration of active cell signals formulation for better penetration.